Reasons to hire armed guards

28 September 2017
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Security guards aren't just for concerts and mall security. Their professionalism and skill set can be employed across a variety of situations depending on your needs or circumstances. Armed guards have a great responsibility with the firearms they carry, and this makes them vital for your needs. Below are some of reasons why and when you might need armed security


High profile personalities and powerful people are quite a busy lot and this means that they move around with little to no privacy due to fans, paparazzi and threats. This makes their life quite difficult and inconvenient for people who might be trying to lead normal lives and carry out normal activities like shopping. Security guards can be assigned to such people to restore their privacy and keep away unwanted attention.

Personal Protection

Currently, it is a dangerous world out there and the bulk of security is in the hands of law enforcement agencies. Despite the level of efficiency of law enforcement, some dangers exist outside their reach. Armed guards can provide protection from a number of threats, irrespective of you location. They can accompany you across the world, ensuring that you have peace of mind and security at all times.

Protection of Property and Valuables

Since time immemorial, the core existence of security has been to protect property, precious metals/minerals and money from thieves, criminals and any person that may threaten the safety of said valuable items. If you have valuable property, hiring armed guards to protect it is highly recommended as they are well equipped to handle a number of potential threats and ensure the safety of your items.

Estate or Business Security

Thieves over the years have found homes, compounds and real estate that have valuables to be a favourite target. Skilled guards posted in such places alleviate the threat of theft as they trained to understand the ins and outs of estate protection.

Sites with little to no security detail provide an easy target for criminals who prefer the easiest route to gaining what they want. Simply having armed guards around will deter criminals and discourage them from attempting anything.

Protection of Loved Ones or Employees

You might not need protection as an individual but may have loved ones who may be at threat of crimes such as kidnapping. You might also have a business that handles a lot of cash transactions. This would mean that your employees would require armed security to secure their lives and your property.