Security Guard Hire Tips

2 April 2021
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Security guard hire is an ideal option for people that require security guards to protect their businesses and homes. The truth is that most people do not know what to look out for when hiring a security guard. Read this guide for some essential security guard hiring tips. 

Security Guard Company

Your first concern should be the security guard company that will offer the guards. Below are some tips to help you choose one company over the others: 

  • Consider companies that have years of experience in training and hiring security guards. This indicates that the company understands market trends and customer needs.
  • Assess the company's reputation by checking client reviews and testimonials. Good reviews will significantly improve your confidence in the company.
  • The company should conduct thorough background checks on the security guards. Remember, security guards must be trustworthy individuals.
  • The security company should provide the guards with workers' compensation insurance to ensure you do not incur liabilities if a guard gets injured at your home or business premises.
  • Consider companies that offer support services to their customers. For instance, the company could deploy more guards if your business or home is under attack. 

Guard Specialisation and Training

Critically evaluate the guard's specialisation. For instance, if you need guards for your business premises, they should have customer service skills since they are the first people that customers will interact with. The guards should also be tech-savvy since they will operate security devices such as alarm systems and CCTV. On the other hand, a home security guard should be able to conduct patrols to identify perimeter weaknesses and security risks on the property. 

Inquire about the guard's training. For instance, if you are under significant threat, you need a security guard with martial arts and weapons training. The guard should conduct regular threat analyses and develop security plans to neutralise the various threats. As a rule, the security guard you hire should be trained in emergency response. Remember that the guard will be the first response in case of a fire outbreak or an accident. 

Terms Of Service

Examine the guard's terms of service. For instance, how many hours will they work per day? If you need 24/7 security guard service, the company will offer several guards to work in shifts. Inquire about the security company's liability policy. Typically, they should take responsibility if your business suffers losses due to the guard's negligence. Remember to examine the charges. Ideally, you should negotiate this upfront. 

When hiring a security guard, work with reputable companies and examine the guard's specialisation, training, and terms of service. Contact a company that offers security guards for hire to learn more.