3 Simple but Practical Home Security Measures

30 September 2021
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A common misconception among homeowners is that burglars target any house with valuables. However, it is not true because a burglar's sole purpose is to find a home with lacklustre or no security system. Such properties are easy to break into regardless of whether you live in a gated community or not. Thus, it is crucial to implement home security measures to deter burglars. Contrary to most homeowners' beliefs, it does not take much to make your home intimidating to burglars. You can employ simple security measures to reduce the likelihood of burglars making your home a target.

Create Perception of Occupancy 

The chances that burglars will break into your property when you are home are pretty low. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know it and leave their houses screaming 'unoccupied' when on a night out or vacation. Notably, you should create the perception that your house is occupied regardless of whether you are home or away. For instance, programming the lights in your home to turn on and off in different rooms at varying intervals when away makes burglars think you are home. You can do the same with your TV or music system, particularly when you are away for a couple of days.

Make Outdoor Wires Inaccessible

The cable systems in and around your house are integral to your home's security. For instance, front yard cabling and lighting helps illuminate an entire property and keeps burglars at bay. Similarly, surveillance cameras need cabling to access a power source. Unfortunately, in most homes, such cables are easily accessible, with most hanging low on the sides of a house. Thus, burglars can easily cut the wires in an attempt to disarm your home's security system. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that all cables are inaccessible to burglars. For example, you can paint cables to match your house, bury the wires, pass them through conduits, or hide them inside baseboards. You should also remember to lock your home's electricity switch box for added security.

Reduce Shrubbery

You might ask what landscaping has to do with your home's security. Well, the condition of your lawn has everything to do with your home's attractiveness to burglars. Shrubs growing close to windows offer perfect hiding spots for burglars as they wait for an opportune time to break in. Therefore, if you have tall grass or shrubbery growing inside your perimeter and close to your fence or windows, prune them immediately.

To learn more about things to install or adjust to improve your safety, contact home security companies.