Do not be a Victim: Secure Your Home with These Door Devices

29 March 2016
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Home invasions and burglaries are often devastating and for this reason, you will want to give security a priority whether you are moving to a new home or upgrading the security of your current one. It is therefore important to have the proper security know-how to defend your home against invasion. The doors and windows are usually among the easiest pathways that someone can use to gain entry into your home. While some of the home security features may not make your home completely invasion-proof, they will serve to impede the progress of a burglar or intruder long enough to be detected and caught. Therefore, if you are looking to make your doors more secure, here are some options to consider.

Electric Strike Locks

Electric strike locks are access control devices that you can use on your doors. These locks will replace the fixed strike faceplate of your door that is held in position by the latch bar. This access control device will form a ramp surface that will go against your locking latch, allowing your door to latch and close.

Electric strike locks usually equipped with buzzers, which will allow someone to hear whenever your door is opened. The sound produced by the buzzers would be loud enough to be heard clearly, and this is important because you can simply alert authorities once you hear the sound. However, keep in mind that these won't work when there is a power outage.


You can install features that will trigger an alarm when an intruder or burglar attempts to enter your home. There are many such alarm features or devices, including doorknob alarms and doorstop alarms.

Doorknob alarms are very sensitive devices that are easily installed on your door for enhanced security. If the doorknob is touched by someone, they will go off and set the alarm. Because of the sensitivity of these devices, you need to be careful when handling it and make sure everyone in your house understands how to use it because you can easily set it off yourselves when entering the house.

Doorstop alarms are the other alarm features that you should consider adding to your door. These are simple and portable devices that is fixed to your door and will produce an alarm or shrilling sounds when someone attempts to force open your door. You can then call your local authorities once you hear the alarm.