Considerations to Bear in Mind When Planning the Installation of a CCTV System

1 April 2019
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When looking to increase the security of your property, CCTV camera installation is probably one of your top measures. Nonetheless, choosing to install cameras on your property is only the first step toward bolstering your security. If you do not go about the installation process correctly, then your CCTV cameras will be of no help to you since you will not have the footage you need to incriminate potential criminals. In order for you to have sharp footage from your CCTV cameras, you should familiarise yourself with the best strategies to use when placing these cameras. This piece lists three considerations to bear in mind when planning the installation of a CCTV system.

What is the resolution of your CCTV cameras? 

The first thing that you should establish before you have your CCTV cameras installed around your property is the resolution of the cameras. Overall, the higher the resolution of your cameras, the better the images they will record. If you have low-resolution cameras, the best place to install them will be indoors and a few feet apart since the footage being recorded is at a close distance. If you are planning to install your CCTV system outdoors, you will need high-resolution cameras that will be capable of providing you with facial recognition as well as high-quality images.

What mounting system will you use?

The process of mounting CCTV cameras is often taken for granted since most homeowners assume that they only need to ensure that the cameras are mounted high. The reality is that there is a lot more to think about when it comes to the mounting process. One of the first considerations to have is what materials will be used to mount the cameras. You should invest in waterproof supplies to protect the cameras against water damage. Secondly, you need to deliberate on which mounting solutions will work best for you. For instance, if the cameras are being mounted indoors, then ceiling mounts will suffice. Conversely, CCTV cameras installed outdoors can be mounted on pole or parapet mounts for optimum clarity. Lastly, consider additional features for your mounts such as rotating capabilities that will allow you the widest scope of your property.

What is the degree of lighting available?

Another consideration to have is how much lighting will be available for your CCTV cameras, as this will make the difference between clear footage and shadows in your video. This consideration mainly applies outdoors since street lighting may not be sufficient for clear footage. If this is the case, consider installing lighting together with the cameras for guaranteed illumination. When it comes to lighting, you should also consider how the sun will affect the cameras. If the sun is shining directly onto the cameras, your footage will be distorted by glare so keep the cameras out of direct sunlight.